What is PulseRx

PulseRx is personalized Medical App to enter and maintain medical reports, seek remote doctor consultancy, view prescriptions and other details at one central location. All this information can be at your fingertips through the ease of your mobile device.

The app lets you register as a Patient OR as a Doctor. You can also use this app to add your family members and friends as patients to track their health parameters for future references.

pulserx app

Connect, Track, Consult

health parameter

Manually enter the health parameters or capture from supported Bluetooth enabled Health/Fitness devices

health report

Share health reports online with Doctors and physicians


Link to a remote doctor and seek their expert consultancy via App

A complete Healthcare App with useful built-in capabilities

Location awareness

Location awareness wherever you go

graphical representation of reports

Graphical representation of reports

Bluetooth enabled

Quick Bluetooth enabled healthcare data transfer

Social Media platforms

Simple login using Social Media platforms

user interactions

Enriched user interactions

multi-layer authentication

Data security with multi-layer authentication

Doctor Info

Info on area-wise doctor availability

reviews ratings

Real-time reviews and ratings

audio/videos reports

Option to record audio/videos medical reports

search app/web

Freedom to search anywhere in the app/web



For Individuals

  • Monitor health parameters – Blood Pressure, and Blood Sugar, etc.
  • Record reports in multiple formats – audio/video and pictures.
  • Add members to the app for collective healthcare tracking.
  • Track parameters manually or using Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Link to a remote doctor (registered on the app) and seek their expert consultancy via App
  • Share reports and prescriptions using the app’s built-in email/WhatsApp support.
  • Promote a member as a user for independent healthcare tracking.
  • Rate and review prescriptions given by doctors.

For Doctors

  • Track the health of multiple patients and maintain their records with ease.
  • Be in control with clear demarcation and unique patient dashboards.
  • Give prescriptions online within the app.
  • Go paperless by storing patient X-rays, ECGs, and MRIs, etc in the app.
  • Access patient reports anywhere, anytime.
  • Share patient records with other doctors at the click of a button.
  • Communicate better by sharing reports in multiple formats.
  • Cut costs as the app is free for doctors and healthcare professionals.

Why Choose PulseRX

  • 3-step procedure to login/register using Google, Facebook or Twitter
  • Mandatory consent for assured healthcare data security
  • Healthcare data in graphics and dashboards for detailed analysis
  • Recording/sharing reports in audio, video and pictorial formats
  • Interactive UI with options to sort, filter, search and manage settings
  • Medical archive that is accessible anytime, anywhere


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